Tigernuts are a tradition within the Lladró family that combines the wisdom of their ancestors with the training and illusion of a team that is constantly growing to offer the best products. For the achievement of these objectives is essential to conduct a rigorous follow-up of the stages of cultivation, drying and selection of the Tigernut, thus ensuring the quality of it. When it arrives harvest-time we make a study to know accurately the state of the Tigernuts, so we guarantee the quality of tigernut. Drying must be slowly and carefully to get the Tiger nuts to acquire specific organoleptic characteristics for the development of horchata.

Chufas J.C LLadró has latest generation machinery to its selection process, ensuring the quality demanded by our customers. All this is done so that the Tiger nuts retain and maintain all of its properties, which in future will be that characteristic taste which gives horchata. Chufas J.C LLadró has warehouses and the center of processing itself with a stock of permanent product thus ensuring supply to our customers throughout the year. Our premise is to provide the highest quality and service to our customers.

All our production processes are supported by the denomination of origin "Chufa de Valencia".Denomination of origin Chufa de Valencia